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Our Meet and Greet Rescheduled for Sat. March 30, 2-4 p.m.

March 26, 2013 0 Comments

The David Caldwell for Ward 1 City Council Meet and Greet Event cancelled Sunday due to the weather has been rescheduled.

It will now be held this Saturday, March 30, from 2-4 p.m. at GRAN PRIX Bowling Supply, 1248 Andes Blvd.

Directions: Take Lindbergh north from Olive to Baur. Make a right on Baur, then the first right turn which is Andex Blvd.


Free refreshments will be available.

David wants to hear from Ward 1 residents about current and future issues important to them.

Paid for by David Caldwell for Creve Coeur, Lynn Berry Treasurer

Two “A’s” – Action & Accuracy

March 21, 2013 0 Comments

trash service, david caldwell, creve city city councilI bowled for many years with high accomplishment by achieving an over 200 average and not requiring handicap pins for league play or tournaments. For over 20 years I have owned and operated a wholesale distribution business with my wife for bowling equipment, GRAN PRIX Bowling Supply. Bowling has been a big part of my life.

A bowler friend of mine once wrote, “Everything I need to know about business I learned from bowling.” And he proved it in a list which included teamwork, patience, and other characteristics of successful managers.

Bowling taught me the two A’s – Action and Accuracy.  We’ve all seen bowlers who throw a big hook but can’t hit the headpin. Others can roll it down the middle but don’t have any mustard on it.

People who get things done are those who understand the two A’s and strive for Action and Accuracy. Both are important – indeed critical.

Get into Action when there is a problem to solve or an opportunity to seize. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t spin your wheels. Use vision to see the target, take aim at a goal, and do it with Accuracy. .

The two A’s worked for me as a student earning two Masters Degrees. The two A’s worked for me as a Monsanto employee as I rose to become Director of Corporate Finance. The two A’s continued to work for me as I grew GRAN PRIX from nothing to a leader in its industry.

I saw a problem when I attended City Council meetings in 2007. The residents were uninformed about the legislative process and were having difficulty communicating their expectations and concerns. Council members also seemed frustrated – with residents and with each other.

I took Action and founded so residents would get information they did not have before. CreveCoeurVoter became a guide for residents in dealing with the City Council.

Then I spoke up on issue after issue – with thorough analysis, factual support, and creative solutions. I helped many residents communicate with the Council and achieve satisfactory resolution of their issues.

Accuracy is simple. Get your facts right or lose credibility.

I have been successful because of Accuracy. I have a perfect record at CreveCoeurVoter. I’ve never been accused of publishing wrong facts or figures.

The City Council unanimously honored me as a 2011 Creve Coeur Citizen of the Year because I patiently developed credibility with them over a four-year period by presenting accurate facts and figures to back-up my recommendations.

When I decided to become a candidate for City Council, I did not forget the two A’s. I went into Action.  I turned in my candidate petition on the first day- with almost twice the required number of signatures. My opponent turned it in on the last day. I immediately began communicating with voters through a CreveCoeur.patch blog and advertisements. I also submitted my priorities and qualifications to the Post Dispatch/League of Women Voters on-line voters’ guide. My opponent as of March 20, 2013 did not. Most voters have seen little or nothing about my opponent’s positions.

I have also been Accurate. I submitted my biographical information for the city newsletter accurately. The city is now rushing to mail out a correction to the resume my opponent submitted. My opponent was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2010, not 2000 as published in the March 2013 Creve Coeur newsletter.

I take Action right away and when I do. I’m Accurate. I’ve proved it for six years unofficially representing you as editor of I’ll do it as a voting member of the City Council if you choose to elect me on April 2.

The two A’s – Action and Accuracy – make for a good bowling score and a good City Councilman.  I sincerely ask for your vote on April 2.

Setting the Record Straight on Accuracy

March 17, 2013 1 Comment

On March 26, 2013 the following comment was posted about David Caldwell on the website:

I think the public should know what kind of man David Caldwell is, a bully. In January we had a pick up truck parked on the street for 3 days. The police came stating that Mr. Caldwell had called the police to report our truck had not moved in the past 24 hours. We were told by the police the complaint included the fact it was blocking his turning radius…

This allegation is completely false based on an investigation conducted internally by the David Caldwell for Creve Coeur campaign committee.  The committee filed a formal request with to have the comment removed because it contained false information with apparent intent to damage the reputation of David Caldwell and to influence an election.

The editors of, who are in full control of the content of the website, refused to remove the comment, even until an investigation could be conducted and completed. Regional Editor Kurt Greenbaum in refusing the campaign’s request, gave the reason “The response you sent to me could just have easily been posted as a comment on the blog post, which, again, I believe to be the most appropriate response.”

The committee then conducted its own investigation. The campaign obtained a copy of the January 29, 2013 police report regarding a parked vehicle at 248 Brooktrail Ct. 

The police officer who responded that day could not have identified Mr. Caldwell as a complaining caller because, as the reports states, the call was made by an anonymous person and no phone number was given to or recorded by the police department.  There also is no email record or in-person appearance at the police department regarding Mr. Caldwell on January 29, 2013.

Further, the police report states an entirely different reason for the complaint than the one given in the posting. The report says the parked vehicle was “blocking the view of oncoming traffic”, NOT “blocking (Mr. Caldwell’s) turning radius.” Mr. Caldwell affirms that he had no problem turning in or out of his driveway the entire time the vehicle was parked across the street.

Mr. Caldwell denies making any phone call that day to the Creve Coeur police. In fact, he remembers seeing the parked vehicle and thinking it was an eyesore, but not saying anything to anyone about it.

Malashock HouseMr. Larry Malashock, who posted the comment on, is a publicly-known supporter of the Mr. Caldwell’s opponent. A photo of his public support is displayed to the left, taken outside his home.  His comment, calling Mr. Caldwell a “bully” and “does not deserve to be in an official office” would appear to be an intentional mischaracterization of the facts in order to influence the election.

David Caldwell and the David Caldwell for Creve Coeur committee have made it a top priority to be completely accurate in public communication. Mr. Caldwell has an exemplary record of accuracy in his website. The candidate and campaign fully expect others to adhere to the same standard.

Mr. Caldwell’s opponent has publically stated that she submitted inaccurate information for publication in the Creve Coeur newsletter. Now, chose not to act on our request to verify the accuracy of the comment when it has full control for any and all article content on its website.

We believe did not meet the standard of journalistic integrity expected by the public.

Therefore, the campaign had no choice to conduct its own investigation to make its own findings which are published here, per the instruction of an “appropriate response” by Mr. Greenbaum.

Scott Simon
Media Strategist
David Caldwell for Creve Coeur