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rhoades_tOver the past several years, David Caldwell, on his own accord, has easily attended far more City meetings — including Council, Planning and Zoning, and even Pension Board – than any other elected or appointed city official. And that is why — whether the topic at hand involves Land-Use or Finance, Public Works or Public Art — his thoughtful citizen input has always been well received, with countless suggestions quietly implemented. Clearly, his decades of diverse professional experience, combined with his proven track record of selfless service to improve our City — without any sort of personal or political agenda — make David Caldwell far and away the or best choice to represent the citizens of Ward 1 on Creve Coeur City Council.

Jeanne Rhoades, Creve Coeur City Councilwoman

Charolotte D'Alfonso Creve Coeur City CouncilDavid has experience, knowledge and common sense. He has been a tremendous help to council with solutions and information on a variety of issues the city faces. He has shown that he thoroughly researches proposals and then shares the facts. He is well respected, has a solid business background and stands up for residents and businesses alike. He is fair and trustworthy and strives to do what is right and for the best for all of Creve Coeur.

Charlotte D’Alfonso, Creve Coeur City Councilwoman

David was elected Citizen of the Year because he has been such a concerned and devoted citizen. He has been attending City Council meetings for years and comes prepared with important and thoughtful comments on projects and their impact on the City. On the committee on which I serve as chair, Horticulture, Environment and Beautification, David has given us ideas to consider that are forward thinking and could be great for the environment in Creve Coeur and the greater metropolitan area. I am so impressed with David Caldwell’s citizen advocacy, and think he would be an excellent council member.

Fran Cantor

David will bring to Creve Coeur government thoughtful and dignified leadership, insight and wisdom regarding business and the relationship between business and government, and creative and result-based solutions that support the interests of CC citizens and success of the city itself over cronyism and political favoritism.

Anne Willey

David Caldwell has been attending Creve Coeur City Council meetings for years and I have personally seen him in action. Although he is not currently a council member, he has prepared for each meeting as if he were. He has provided comments to the council with documentation of facts and with well-thought out ideas of how to make our city more prosperous as well as a great place to live. David has always advocated transparency in government which is important for building trust among council members and citizens. Even though he might occasionally express a controversial opinion, he has done so with courtesy and respect which is certainly a breath of fresh air in a political environment. I highly endorse David Caldwell for Creve Coeur City Councilman. In him, we have an honest, intelligent, hard-working man.

Diann Bomkamp

Sheldon Harber 64x64David Caldwell believes in responsible growth. That’s what’s best for Creve Coeur, not just massive growth at any cost.

Sheldon Harber, CFP ®, Asset Strategies, Creve Coeur

Mr. Caldwell has more qualifications to represent our family than anyone I have ever known. His knowledge of Creve Coeur policy has been recorded for all 1st ward citizens to read on his blog. In 46 years living in Creve Coeur, I know of no other city official with his knowledge.

David Henschel

Even though I do not live in Ward 1, I definitely endorse David Caldwell for councilman. I feel that electing him will be in the best interest of Creve Coeur. His viewpoints on issues have always been what I consider honest and to
the point.

Marianne Goldstein

I have known David Caldwell for three years through our attendance at Creve Coeur Council Meetings and discussion of the issues as well as his blog. I am pleased to fully endorse David for three reasons: 1) He is a person of unquestioned integrity. 2) He has both extensive corporate and entrepreneurial business experience. 3) He is not afraid to ask the tough questions of the administration and he will stand on and vote his principles. He will not be complicit, compliant, and complacent as a council person. I urge the voters of Ward I to vote for him.

R.W. Kent

Having lived here for 40 years, I have seen all types of council members, both good and bad. David has the potential of being one of the really good guys. I believe he will make sure council plays fair, dig in the corners to insure we get a bang for our buck and will not be swayed by any developer’s enticements.

Jim Hentschell

I whole-heartedly endorse David Caldwell as Creve Coeur’s next Ward I Council member. Personally, I know Mr. Caldwell to be an articulate and intelligent man of integrity who has a keen understanding of Creve Coeur’s government. For many years, Mr. Caldwell has attended every City Council Meeting and Planning and Zoning meeting. He consistently studies and reviews each issue brought before our elected officials. I admire his thorough and respectful analysis of each issue, his passion for transparency in Government and the excellent opinions and contributions he has made at these meetings to move our city forward in a positive and united manner. Mr. Caldwell will have a tremendously positive impact for the residents of Creve Coeur when elected–not just in Ward I, but across all four Wards.

Karol Plawsky

Sincerity, honesty, fairness, common sense. These are just a few words to describe David’s approach to government. He understands what it means to represent a constituency and he totally believes in the concept of transparency. Through the years David has worked to inform and help Creve Coeur citizens. It is time he has the opportunity to do so in the official capacity of Councilman,

Rocky Rosen

Creve Coeur certainly needs someone with your insight and dedication on the Council – and who has the ability to raise clear objections to the inappropriate politics and special interest decisions we have seen over the years – the disgraceful Mayoral election just past comes to mind. I am confident you would make every effort to govern for the interest of the people – not the politicians and insiders.

Louis Rubin

I haven’t lived in Creve Coeur long but what David has done with his coverage of city government at has educated me what I need to know before it’s too late. He’s motivated people to keep an eye on what’s going on at City Hall and since he’s that effective as a resident, imaging what he’ll do for us as a councilman.

Stephanie Rife

David Caldwell has consistently demonstrated his effective support of Creve Coeur citizens. Four years ago David helped our neighborhood navigate the zoning process when we were faced with a large commercial development which would have deeply encroached into our neighborhood. David is objective, fair minded, respectful of all opinions and extremely well versed in Creve Coeur issues. David has always been courteous and civil in all his interactions with Creve Coeur citizens, employees, and members of Creve Coeur government. As a Creve Coeur business owner and Creve Coeur homeowner David will continue to look out for the best interest of Creve Coeur citizens. It is our privilege to ask for your vote for David Caldwell for Ward 1 City Council.

Kyle and Christy McCollom

David understands the issues and has the ability to analyze the long-range impact Council decisions will have on Creve Coeur. “Citizen of the Year” is a well-deserved recognition. David Caldwell is a community asset.

Susan Murphy

David Caldwell is an exemplary citizen of Creve Coeur as attested by his receiving the City’s Citizen of the Year award. David gives unselfishly of his time and talent to participate in almost every Council and P&Z meeting, recording the activity for the benefit of concerned citizens. When he senses discussions may have negative implications for the citizens, he speaks up and publishes his concerns on his website for all to see. David, if elected, would have long tenure on the Council because of his balanced perspective. I urge your support for David Caldwell in the 2013 Municipal election.

Paul Kutz