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Trash Service

Trash Service in Creve Coeur: No New Fees

January 10, 2013 0 Comments

Trash Service

No Trash Fees

Keep our full service trash pickup – without new fees.

I was there in 2011 when the City Council voted to extend the contract with Allied Waste through June, 2014- without a competitive bid. I stood up for Ward 1 residents then.

I will be there in 2014 when Allied Waste will want to make us push large tote bins to the curb for mechanical pick-up.

If I am your City Council representative I will be able to vote against cutting our service or new fees.

There are other City Council members who agree with me- we need a majority.

Why should we maintain the current level of trash service? Creve Coeur is an aging community. Many of us struggle with the recycle tote bins. I won’t vote to make that problem even worse.

I reject the argument that we should pay extra for full service pickup because everybody does not use it. We pay for other services whether we use them or not.

The City Council previously voted to charge residents for trash pick-up. They backed down when a new sales tax was pushed through. Allied Waste paid for the publicity campaign.

When the sales tax money came rolling in, the city had almost a million dollar surplus. Now they want to spend that money on other things.

We don’t need new fees or more taxes to maintain our service.

How do we get this done? The first step is insuring an open, competitive bidding process.

The current extension was approved without competitive bidding- even though another company wanted to bid.

I already am on the record wanting competitive bids to get the best services for us. Here’s the official minutes of the October 24, 2011 Creve Coeur City Council meeting about my position

Vote for me April 2 for competitive bidding, full service, and no trash fees.